Model 7 ball bearing monitoring technology

Model 7 handles higher wind speeds by design and through monitoring

Model 7 can handle higher wind speeds by a top notch ball bearing design.

There is much more technology available under the hood!

The 7th Gen gearbox monitors its own ball bearings.

The Integrated control unit or ICU takes care of the monitoring task.

ICU device introduction

The device will decouple, or auto-block, the drive train when it detects certain high temperatures.

The program can independently record and plot all parameters which have been selected.

In case of mechanical or program failures, you can find more info by using the program: Ball bearing temperature monitoring.

A golden rule for avoiding any damage: the parameter Shaft rotation speed / bearing temperature ratio ,which you can access on the screen as ##.## [Rotations vs bearing temperature ratio] , may never exceed the amount of 25 Rotations* δK / minute* δV.


Technical documentation

Non-technical users can find more info about the ICU in our brochure. You can find it at ...

Figure 1. The new Model 7 can monitor its own ball bearings
wind turbine gearbox picture