This document presents experimentation as one way of evaluating the xml-based Dita 1.3 architecture in the production of technical content. I have used multiple editing methods (Framemaker, XML editors, ) and publishing techniques (Framemaker, Dita Open Toolkit 3.2, ) The applications are mainly found in the machinery industry, hardware, software programming, engineering, manuals, ...

The main object is to illustrate what can be achieved in pdf-output by working with the extended Dita 1.3 standard, with a focus on the features of the technical content domain. In the process I try to see in what form newly added Dita 1.3 features roll out of the pipeline. Meanwhile I try to find out what is not yet fully implemented in the latest version of Dita-OT: 3.3.

Certain features can be produced in html-deliverables, but they do not get rendered in pdf-output.

Kurt Van Oproy

Figure 1. Output formats