Wind turbine delivery task

Count all items on reception of the delivery to confirm its completeness. Before you begin this task, you need to apply some safety measures to avoid harm by heavy objects.

Before you begin

  • IEC 61400-4:2012
  • Make sure to have enough free space available to safely remove the panels, and other packaging materials of the crates, from the turbine hardware.
  • Handlers must have obtained a safety certificate or minimum level Safety Certificate 'basic', or VCA-attest 'basis'
  • Minimum 2 handlers and 1 supervisor
  • Mechanic
  • Crane handler; or lift operator
  • 10 - 20 minutes
  • Minimum 3 safety cables (Lifting load > 3000 kg),
  • Minimum 3 fixation points, or security anchors
  • Lifting materials with electro motor,
  • Checklist, e.g. printout of the list of "Components of a wind turbine"
  • 1 pen
  • 2 spare safety cables
  1. Work only on a dry and clean floor, where all unnecessary objects are removed.
  2. The supervisor has made arrangements to keep other personnel at least 10 meters away from the crates and the hardware. (tape, boards, signs ...)


Checking the delivered items.
  1. Does the delivery contain 1 gearbox (nr. 10 on the list) ?
    If there is a gearbox, go to the next step.
    Figure 1. Components of a wind turbine
    Components of a wind turbine
    1. Foundation with underground structures
    2. Transformer station
    3. Tower
    4. Access ladder
    5. Wind orientation control & Yaw system
    6. Nose cone
    7. Generator
    8. Instruments as anemometer, weather devices
    9. Rotor break, drive chain break
    10. Gearbox (nr. 10)
    11. 3 Rotor blades
    12. Blade pitch control
    13. Rotor hub
    Check the image "Components of a wind turbine" to help you to identify the correct components.
  2. There should be 3 blades available.
    • In case you have received 3 blades (nr. 11), this is normal.
    • In case you have received less than 3 blades, send us an email.
    All building blocks for the wind turbine are now at your disposal. You can go to the next step.
  3. Can you find a user manual in paper form ?
    Keep the manual in a safe place.
    In case there is no manual present, you can consult this link: