ICU configuration instructions

Start up and configure the ICU monitor

Before you begin

The ICU installation program must have been successfully completed on a users PC before you can begin this task.

Tip: You can find the DVD inside the front of the manual.


  1. Turn on the display of the ICU monitoring device by pushing "ON" in the right corner.
  2. Start the ICU configuration program. One option is to launch from the cmd prompt:Start > "System" > Execute
  3. Enter in the Command prompt (runbox) C:\boot -ICU Note the command which was used boot
  4. Load the sampling program of the desired physical property. Consult the file "bearings7-parametry.pdf" for an overview of all monitoring programs we have provided.
  5. In the location ... %install-dir*\gearbox7_project\monitoring\ you can find several preprocessed scripts for sensor set monitoring. You can use the file named 'Bearings_Temp.ps1' to select the bearings temperature sensors . Start the program by entering in the prompt : Cscript and use argument Bearings_Temp.ps1.
  6. Enter the command prt to indicate the output mode prt -BT -o * In the meanwhile you can chose the appropriate output device: Screen -o term1 , or a plotter -o plot1
  7. Determine the critical value of the temperature ratio. Enter the cmd £ plot with arg. temperature ratio $R/BTr state: temperature ratio critical value=24.5 Note that the cmd prompt should be returning: ratio R/BT set
    For example, enter £ plot $R/BTr
    The plotter is now recording BT values.
  8. Click on End configuration.
    The Configuration Options window pops up for 2 minutes with your selection(s) highlighted. It will close automatically, or you can click the close button.
  9. Turn OFF the display of the monitor when you're done.
    The monitoring of the selected temperatures by the ICU is now active, and the chosen parameters are being recorded.
  10. A summary:
    1. Required: Select the sensor set which should monitor certain temperatures.
    2. Optional: Select an output mode.
    Selection of programselection of a program file for a particular monitored area
    Select OG.ps1outer gear temperatures monitoring
    Select IG.ps1inner gear temperatures monitoring

Some syntax for your advise:

This code example is a basic method signature:
 methodName (-pList1, -pList2*) [--returnType=] 
is the first variable declaration passed to methodName
is the second variable declaration passed to methodName
optional arguments


OPENF input-filename *INFILE output-filename *OUTFILE